Short overview on the program

BrainTwister is a cross-platform application (for Macintosh and Windows*) consisting of several cognitive training tasks in different variants. The training paradigms that are available in BrainTwister are based on various research projects carried out by the Department for Experimental Psychology and Neuropsychology at the University of Bern, Switzerland. The training tasks can be used for participants over the whole lifespan in either a single or in a group setting. There are no requirements of computer-related skills in order to train with these tasks. BrainTwister generates detailed training data for each training task and allows to visualize and print the obtained training results. BrainTwister is currently available in four different languages (German, English, Swedish, and Dutch), however, the manual is only available in German and English.


The new version of BrainTwister appears in a modern layout and includes improved functions and new tasks. If you're interested to try it out, visit BrainTwister trial Windows/Mac OS.
BrainTwister 2 is still in the trial phase and will be sent to you once you order BrainTwister 1. Owners of a BrainTwister 1 license can get BrainTwister2 for free (write an email to

Please note

  1. BrainTwister is a software consisting of a battery of tasks in which the n-back task (Jaeggi et al. PNAS 2008) is but one of several others.
  2. The CD was developed and dispensed free of charge for participants in our training experiments for post-experimental use.
  3. Other interested parties can obtain the CD against a financial compensation which covers our costs.
  4. Research groups get the tasks for free.
  5. You should acknowledge the program authors on any of scientific results based in part on use of the program and/or cite the article(s) in which the tasks used were described (see "References").
  6. Any use, copying or distribution of the CD is prohibited unless agreed to in writing by the University of Bern.