Allgemeine Psychologie und Neuropsychologie

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SNF-Projekt: Hippocampus mediates unconscious learning, consolidation and retrieval of episodes

SNF Forschungsprojekt: 320000-114012/1


  • Prof. Dr. K. Henke 


  • Patrizio Colella

Informationen zum Projekt

Prominent models of human long-term memory systems do not account for an unconscious form of rapid associative learning. Nor do these models envision a role for the hippocampus in any form of unconscious learning. In subproject A, we will perform behavioral and fMRI experiments on normal subjects to test for unconscious one-trial semantic associative learning and retrieval. We investigate the semantic nature of unconsciously formed associations, the integrity of these associations over time and the circumstances of their optimal consolidation. In subproject B, we record the electroencephalogram from depth electrodes implanted in bilateral medial temporal lobe of epilepsy patients while they perform unconscious and conscious learning and retrieval tasks. In subproject C, the hypothesis will be tested that the hippocampus is necessary for unconscious one-trial associative semantic learning/retrieval. To this aim, we will examine patients with bilateral hippocampal damage. The results of these projects might have a significant impact on theories of human long-term memory.